MGIEasy RNA Exome Application

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MGIEasy RNA Exome is an efficient solution for targeted quantification of the coding regions of the human transcriptome. By combining directional library prep and exome capture technologies, it involves the conversion of total RNA into cDNA while keeping the strand direction information, targeted capture of exon sequences, and generation of libraries for sequencing on MGISEQ platforms. MGIEasy RNA Exome provides an efficient and complete solution for mRNA expression quantification of FFPE and other types of degraded samples.
MGIEasy RNA Exome is designed specifically for degraded RNA samples, by capturing only the coding regions from total RNA, it can help improve the accuracy of mRNA quantification. It requires much less data output to achieve the same required sequencing depth for the target coding regions.
MGIEasy RNA Exome Solution includes MGIEasy RNA Directional Library Prep Set, MGIEasy Exome Capture V5 Probe Set, and MGIEasy Exome Capture Accessory Kit. This guide will introduce the details of MGIEasy RNA Exome library preparation technology.


  1. Low input amount

    As little as 10 ng total input RNA. Libraries show stable performance across various input amounts.

  2. Suitable for degraded samples

    High-quality data can still be obtained for FFPE and other types of degraded samples.

  3. Focus on the RNA coding region

    Targeted capture of human exome regions from total RNA means less data output required to achieve the same sequencing depth at the target regions.

  4. High repeatability

    The repeatability for low-quality samples is above 0.99.