Genetic Sequencer DNBSEQ-G50RS

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MGISEQ-200 adopts a novel “Flow Cell system”, the patterned array chip design, enabling high data density and minimal interference in fluorescent signals. With BAST, MGISEQ200 significantly reduces the amount of reagents needed for the sequencing. MGISEQ-200 integrates the automated DNB loading system to help you perform DNB loading without other ancillary equipment, providing the efficient sequencing solution.

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Pathogen identification






Cancer genetic testing


Automated Sample Preparation System


Sequencing Kits

MGISEQ-200RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(SE50)
MGISEQ-200RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(SE100)
MGISEQ-200RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE50)
MGISEQ-200RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE100)

Library Construction

MGIEasy Exome Library Preparation Kit
MGIEasy DNA Library Preparation Kit


Pathogen Fast Identification System
Lung Cancer Hotspot Mutation Analysis System
WES Analysis System
WGS Analysis System
PGS Analysis System


FCS chip
Lane/chip 1 lane Read length SE50 SE100 PE50 PEI00 Sequencing time** 15-48 hours
Number of reads 280-300M Data output 10.5-60Gb

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