DNBSEQ-T7RS High Throughput Sequencing Reagent Set (FCL PE100)V2.0 220 Cycles/Set

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DNBSEQ-T7RS High-throughput Sequencing Set is specifically designed for DNA or RNA sequencing on DNBSEQ-T7RS. This sequencing set is intended to be used for scientific research only and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis.



Read length SE50 PE100 PE150
Maximum cycles 70 220 320
Effective reads/flow cell* 5000M 5000M 5000M
Data output** 250~1000Gb 1~4Tb 1.5~6Tb
Q30* >85% >85% >80%
Run time*** 5-6hrs 20-22hrs 24-30hrs

* Effective reads and Q30 are based on the standard library. These values may vary depending on various applications.
** Data output includes the output of 1-4 chips running at the same time.
*** Run time includes DNB loading, sequencing, and data process (Fastq writing). Run time may vary with various instruments.